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10 July 2009 @ 01:49 am
oh blah, I haven't posted in forever.
I wish I could just delete all of my previous entries in one swoop and start over fresh...

so much has changed
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28 February 2009 @ 11:07 pm
Man I need new icons...Badly.
And you know what? That last monster rant page I did earlier was so awesome, I think that I just might post all the time now. Maybe. If I say it I won't...Ah! Again, we'll see...

Oh! Random! I watched Legally Blonde earlier (for the millionth time in my life). I swear, it's the best movie...ever...(besides The Big Lebowski...Dude)
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01 January 2009 @ 12:16 pm
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28 December 2008 @ 10:25 pm
Hooooly crap am I behind on the Naruto manga...I left off somewhere around 415 and it's now in the 430's...the anime I think that I watched last was 65 (shippuuden) or so...It really got in a low point for me and the plot was just going nowhere fast. They already killed off my favorite character (Orochimaru) and Kabuto, who knows if he is still around or not. Sasuke I can't stand, I wish he would be picked off but it's not like that is going to happen. BLAH. Hidan is awesome, and Yugito I loved, but she didn't last even a full episode. *sob*
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28 December 2008 @ 09:16 pm
Okay...I saw Valkerie today...

I would have to say that I am somewhat disappointed. It wasn't horrible, but it definately did not live up to the expectations that I had in mind. The overall presentation is great: it shows the side of Germany that usually doesn't come to mind when one thinks of WWII; the German soldiers who did not like the way their country was being ruled and their plots to assassinate Hitler.
My biggest beef about the movie is [besides the various historical inaccuracies] Tom Cruise. Please. He was more than likely only chosen because he is, well, Tom Cruise. I don't like him as an actor to begin with and I can't take him seriously in that role. He seems like just a pretty boy. I saw the previews for the movie and thought "WTF Tom Cruise is a Nazi Pirate?" (you know, the eye patch and all- not to be disrespectful, it was historically accurate...). Tom Cruise in general I view as just nuts. He lost his marbles with the whole scientology thing. Ehhhh.
But enough about him. The movie, yes. Well, I think it lacked a certain dramatic tension, it was suspenseful, but of course it is a bit disappointing when you already know the history behind it and the eventual outcome. Therefore, it lacked a certain WHAM!quality that one would need in order to spice up that is already trufax. Not "historical embellishment", but [grr this is hard to explain] something that makes the scenes memorable and sharply distinguishable from others. The little touches that make it unique. Long story short none of the actors were particularly outstanding (or outstanding at all).
Nevertheless, the story was amazing [can't get much better than the truth, huh?]. I'm sorry I have said nothing really positive because although I have given it much criticism, it is still worthwhile to see and you won't be bored.
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16 December 2008 @ 07:29 pm
Axis Powers Hetalia! My new found Fandom of DOOM <3
01 December 2008 @ 06:44 pm
Oh my god, if I hear one more thing about Twilight, Twilight! my mind is going to fricken explode!
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20 November 2008 @ 10:28 pm
I know I haven't written for a month...but I found this amazing song earlier today. I am completely in love with it. I cried, yes. It's beautiful. It sounds so familiar, I swear I've heard it before...like I've heard it everyday.


Mes Regrets, par Michel Polnareff

Inutile de te lever pour m'écouter
Navré de te déranger une si belle soirée
Ta robe de mariée est faite pour épouser
Mes regrets, mes regrets

Ne crains rien de moi je ne troublerai pas
Ton bonheur qui commence où finit ma joie
Vraiment je n'savais pas qu'en un soir on pouvait...
Mais à quoi bon, à quoi bon...

A quoi bon te dire que la vie n'est possible qu'avec toi
Tu ne m'écoutes pas
Tu n'me vois pas
Comme tu es loin déjà

Si une heure un soir on pouvait se revoir
J'ai dit des mots stupides et vides d'espoir
Il faut me pardonner je ne m'suis pas encore...
Habitué, habitué

Il faut dire que tout change si rapidement
Je dois fermer les yeux pour te voir comme avant
Non non ne parles pas
En moi j'entends ta voix comme avant, comme avant

Elle me dit des mots cette voix
Comme c'est loin tout ça
Mais parles, fais quelque chose ne me laisse pas
M'en aller comme ça

Navré d'avoir dérangé une si belle soirée
Je suis venu avant tout pour te demander
Non pas de revenir, seul'ment de n'pas sourire
Sourire, ne pas sourire

find it here on the scroll-down list about half to the bottom: http://mediamus.blogspot.com/2008/04/la-playlist-de-lanne-1968-les-50.html
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09 August 2008 @ 11:01 pm

All of the capslocking in the world could not convey the mind-boggling awesomeness of yesterday's opening ceremony as well as the kick-ass beach volleyball, swimming, and gymnastics I watched today.
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31 July 2008 @ 09:40 pm
Wow, do I feel like an asshat.

I ran into the side of stairs. Yes, stairs. How does one do this? Apparently it isn't so hard. One moment I was at the bottom, the next I turned to go up and nailed the end. It hurt like hell, and I'll have a nice bruise down the side of my hip tomorrow.

That's one reason I love life (not running into things, but that it is so unpredictable and spontaneous). You just never know what will happen next.